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Afghanistan Medical and surgical treatment for the victims of a decades-long war
From en.emergency.it
05-08-2022 - 8,063,457. Patients treated 1999 Start of activities
For over 40 years, Afghanistan has been devastated by instability and conflict that has killed over one million people, left hundreds of thousands wounded and disabled, and created over four million refugees. The war that began in October 2001 continues to injure, kill and destroy. The legacy of previous wars continue to remain: anti-personnel mines and unexploded ordinance continue to wound children and adults, overwhelmingly civilians.
The announcement of the withdrawal of international troops from Afghan soil following the Doha agreements caused an escalation in violence. The Taliban quickly regained control of many areas of the country, until they reached the capital Kabul in mid-August 2021 and took control of the country.
Despite the challenges, our hospitals have never stopped being operational and continue to be a point of reference for the local population. We are offering free, high-quality care, as we have always done.
We started working in Afghanistan in 1999. Since then, we have treated over 7 million people in the country and trained countless local medical staff.
In 2021, EMERGENCY released a new project entitled Afghanistan20, which reflects on the conflict in Afghanistan between 2001-2021 from the perspective of its victims and those treating them. Bringing together data from the organisation’s healthcare network across the country, testimonies from staff and patients, as well as contributions by journalists, researchers, and analysts, the project provides a vivid account of this chapter of the war in Afghanistan. 

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