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Pakistan FM optimistic about reopening of girls schools in Afghanistan
From pajhwok.com
25-09-2022 - KABUL (Pajhwok): Pakistan Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has hoped to see the day that secondary education is allowed for women and girls in Afghanistan, according to a media report on Saturday.
On the sideline of UNGA meeting in New York, Pakistan foreign minister said “While there is access to female education at the primary level, or at the tertiary level, segregated education,” he said, “we do hope to see the day that secondary education is also allowed for women and girls in Afghanistan.”
He told media persons: “I think that the government in Afghanistan will soon find that it is not wise to fight with the women of your own country.”
“And the women of Afghanistan are truly brave, resilient women,” he added. “They have had to be too brave for far too long. But honestly, this is a topic that we don’t give up on. This is something on which we consistently engage with the interim Afghan regime,” he added.
“This is not an issue for America, for the United Kingdom, for the European Union,” he added. “This is an issue for the Islamic world and Muslim women across the Islamic world who have been granted their rights by their religion, and we should not compromise on their rights.”

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