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Taliban Claims Kabul Attack Amid Washington’s Fresh Peace Efforts
From ToloNews by Sayed Sharif Amiri
16-01-2019 - In the past, people in the vicinity had asked the Afghan ministry of interior to relocate the base from the residential area.
A suicide truck bomb exploded on Monday night near a foreign compound, known as the “Green Village” on the outskirts of the Afghan capital Kabul, sparking strong fears among the residents who have witnessed a partial calm over the past few weeks. This comes amid renewed peace efforts by US President Donald Trump’s administration to bring the 17-year long conflict to an end.
The attack on Green Village NGO, which was swiftly claimed by Taliban insurgents, left at least three soldiers and one civilian dead and over 114 others wounded with 30 of those injured in a critical condition.
Monday night's attack on the compound, which is used by international organizations for housing foreigners, including those working with the United Nations, marks the fourth attack by the insurgents since 2012.
While the exact number of casualties is yet to be determined, Afghan security agencies however have said that 24 children and 14 women were among those wounded.
The assault, which the Taliban in a statement said was aimed at an important base of foreign invaders, was the latest episode in a spate of insurgent violence that has gripped the city over the past few months, and it marks the fourth consecutive attacks on the same compound since 2012.
Security officials have said that foreigners around and inside the compound remained unhurt while most damages were inflicted to the Afghan civilians and their homes.
TOLOnews’ reporter Sharif Amiri who visit the blast scene reported on heavy damage around the compound and homes in the area.
Homes around the area badly damaged
“Our house is cracked. My young daughter was wounded on her head and hands and now she has been admitted to hospital, nothing is left for us,” said one resident of the area, Nasree.
Zakir, 22, who was married two months ago, was one of the civilians who lost his life in the attack.
“My sons were with Zakir, two of them are wounded. One of my brothers is wounded and the other one was martyred,” said Fida Mohammad, brother of the victim.
In the past, people in the vicinity had asked the Afghan ministry of interior to relocate the base from the residential area.
“It is the legitimate right of the people. We are working on a greater plan with our international colleagues to relocate these camps to other areas,” interior ministry spokesman, Najib Danish said.
Condemnation pours in
President Ashraf Ghani meanwhile condemned the attack and labeled it inhumane and against Islam, the Presidential Palace said in a statement.
Ghani directed relevant organizations to investigate the attack and address the needs of those wounded and families of the victims.
US and India also condemned the attack as barbaric and horrific.
“India strongly condemns the horrific terror attack in Kabul yesterday in which an Indian national and many others lost their lives,” the Indian embassy said in a statement.
The United States strongly condemns the attack on a residential compound in PD9 last night that killed and injured innocent Afghan and international civilians, including children. In the face of these cowardly acts, the United States stands with the people of Afghanistan who seek a peaceful future and an end to conflict and violence. We extend our deepest condolences to the families, friends and colleagues of the victims, and we will continue to support our Afghan partners to achieve an end to the conflict in Afghanistan,US embassy in Kabul said in a statement on Monday.
This comes after when in December, uncrowned attackers stormed a government building in downtown Kabul – a few kilometers to the east of the green zone, leaving at least 43 people dead and 11 others wounded.

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