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NATO's Commitment To Afghanistan ‘Unwavering'
From ToloNews by News Agencies
16-01-2019 - Despite rumours that US troops could pull out of Afghanistan, NATO said the bloc's commitment to the country was "unwavering”, according to Forces Network report. 
The committee’s chairman, Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach, coordinates turning political decisions into military action.
“We as an alliance have troops deployed all over the globe serving away from home and in difficult and arduous conditions to provide security peace and stability to over one billion citizens of our world,” Air Chief Marshal Peach told delegates and journalists.
On the agenda was the deteriorating security situation in Afghanistan, a country where NATO troops have been deployed for over 17 years.
The Afghan government runs only half the country but there is growing hope that some kind of peace agreement can be reached with the Taliban.
But the rebels may have little incentive to talk if, as many fear, America pulls its troops from the nation.
Our commitment to Afghanistan is unwavering,” said Air Chief Marshal Peach.
Earlier this month, the chair of the Defense Select Committee said as quoted by the Forces News that it was "fanciful" to believe British forces could stay in Afghanistan if the US pulls out.

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