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John Bolton Reportedly ‘Sidelined’ By Trump Admin On Afghanistan
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01-09-2019 - White House National Security Adviser John Bolton is apparently being “sidelined” by the Trump administration on Afghanistan amid discussions of a potential peace deal with the Taliban, US media reported.
There has been some reporting this year about Mr. Bolton losing some standing with President Donald Trump.
The Washington Post said earlier this year Trump was “frustrated” with Bolton on Iran, while the New York Times said Trump “makes no secret” of his dislike of Bolton in private.
Now the Post reveals that Bolton — who is opposing the peace deal being worked out — has essentially been sidelined on Afghanistan policy, to the point where he was not allowed to view the draft agreement by himself when he requested it.
The Post reports that Mr. Bolton was also out of a key meeting between Mr. Trump and his aides on the peace deal with the Taliban on August 16.
Quoted by the US media, one anonymous senior administration official said Mr. Bolton’s team “has a reputation for losing and leaking.”
Mr. Bolton responded in a statement saying, “I categorically deny leaks by me or anyone authorized to speak to the press. Those alleging such leaks should look in the mirror.”

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