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Germans Ready to Extend Their NATO Mission: Minister
By Khalid Nekzad from Tolonews
04-12-2019 - The visiting German Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer at a news conference in Kabul said she hopes the Afghan election results are announced in the near future, and she hopes results will be accepted by all stakeholders.
She also said that Berlin will help Afghanistan to achieve peace.
“We hope that the results of the free elections which have been held, are announced soon and all stakeholders accept the results so that a strong government is formed which could strengthen peace negotiations,” said Karrenbauer.
She also talked about Germany’s readiness to extend the mission of almost 1,000 German troops in Afghanistan.
“We have a shared goal and it is that the people of Afghanistan should live in a secure environment and join hands and cooperate,” she said.   
President Ghani meanwhile welcomed Germany’s assistance to Afghanistan and said it has had a constructive role in the Afghan peace process.
“We discussed Afghanistan’s future from different perspectives,” Ghani said. “Germany has hosted three big conferences on Afghanistan at a higher level and in all of them it has insisted on a stable, democratic and dignified Afghanistan.”

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