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Afghan Forces Operations Have Increased: Officials
 By Gulabuddin Ghubar From Tolonews
11-12-2019 - The Ministry of Interior says 2,331 joint military operations were conducted over the past eight months
The Ministry of Interior said the number of joint operations in the past eight months was higher than the total number of operations last year.
But the Afghan security agencies said the Taliban has not reduced the level of violence, even with the arrival of the cold season.
They cannot defeat the government. The conflict and calamity will continue,  but nothing will come of it. But, ultimately, peace will come”, military affairs analyst Atiqullah Amarkhil said.
According to the Ministry of Interior, 2,331 joint military operations were conducted in the past eight months, while last year it was less than 2,000 operations.
The security and defense forces operations have increased this year. This year, the enemy has been suppressed and weakened more than any year,” Interior Ministry spokesman Nusrat Rahimi said.
The SIGAR report, citing TAAC-Air, says the Afghan Air Forces’ average monthly flight hours this quarter (July 1 through September 30, 2019) increased by about 19 percent compared to the last reporting period (April 1 through June 30, 2019).
The National Defense and Security Forces in Kunduz decided to launch a large-scale operation in Kunduz to suppress the enemy,” said Nabiullah Mirzaee, Commander of 207 Pamir Corps.
Others await clearing operations: “Helmand requires a widespread operation to help displaced families to go back to their homes”, said Attaullah Afghan, the head of Helmand Provincial Council.//tolonews.com/afghanistan/afghan-forces-operations-have-increased-officials

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