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Four Katyusha rockets land inside northern Baghdad’s Taji military base
Lawk Ghafuri for Rudaw.net
28-07-2020 - ERBIL, Kurdistan Region — A spate of Katyusha rockets targeted Taji military base, which  hosts US troops, north of Baghdad on Monday night, a US official confirmed to Rudaw English.
The official says that “four Katyusha rockets” hit the base without causing any casualties.
Like other sites hosting foreign troops, the base has been a frequent target of rocket attacks, blamed most commonly on Iran-backed Iraqi militias.
The Iraqi security media cell also released a statement following Monday’s attack, claiming that three Katyusha rockets landed on site.
The rockets landed inside the Iraqi section of the Taji military base, according to the media cell statement, which says that one rocket caused “serious damages” to an Iraqi military warplane.
The second and third rockets landed in an Iraqi security force weapons warehouse and near the Iraqi warplanes section respectively, according to the statement.
The Iraqi security forces will continue hunting down the perpetrators of such attacks,” the Iraqi security media cell added.
Located north of Baghdad, Taji hosts US military personnel to advise and train Iraqi troops in the fight against the Islamic State (ISIS).
A rocket attack on Taji in March killed two Americans and one Briton, and the base was among several targeted in rocket attacks by Iran-backed militias following the US assassination of Iranian general Qasem Soleimani in January.
Other sites of US interest in Iraq are also prone to strikes, with four rockets landing inside Besmaya military base on Friday that used to host US-led coalition troops, but they withdrew from the base one day after the attack.

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