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Kabul Gurudwara-Jalalabad: ISIS terrorists from Kerala feature in the list again
By Vicky Nanjappa for Oneindia
05-08-2020 - New Delhi, Aug 05: The investigation into the Jalalabad terror attack has sprung up the name of a youth from Kerala's Kasargod. A doctor by profession, he has been identified as Kallukettiya Purayil Ijas, who was living in Nangarhar. He had fled with his family from Kasargod in Kerala in 2016. He had reached Muscat from the Hyderabad airport before reaching Afghanistan
t may be recalled that in March, a recruit of the ISIS Khorasan, Mohammad Mushin hailing originally from Kannur had been identified as one of the suspects in the Kabul Gurudwara attack.
This week a terrorist assault on a prison complex at Jalalabad left 29 persons dead. The attack was claimed by the Islamic State. After hours of gun battle, the Afghan forces finally re-took the prison. At least 10 ISIS fighters involved in the assault were also killed while trying to free their fellow men from the prison. The name of an operative from Kerala is cropping up for the second time in an attack in Afghanistan. Two years back, several persons from Kerala had left the country to join the ISIS Khorasan in Afghanistan. Purayil had fled to Afghanistan with his wife and child. Both are in the custody of the Afghan authorities. A red alert had been issued against Ijas in 2017. The NIA said that he was born on May 10 1984 at Padanna, Kasargod, Kerala. In furtherance of a conspiracy hatched by Ijas and 14 others from 2015 onwards n Kasargod district, their aim was was to strengthen the ISIS. Ijas and others left India between mid May 2016 to July 5th 2016 to join the ISIS, the NIA had also said.
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