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Erbil security forces confiscate materials used for making counterfeit dollars  
By Halgurd Sherwani for Kurdistan 24
15-09-2021 - ERBIL (Kurdistan 24) – In a series of separate raids, security forces in the Kurdistan Region’s Erbil province confiscated narcotics and materials that can be used for counterfeiting US dollars.
Five suspects who planned to make $130,000 in counterfeit currency have been arrested, the Counter Narcotics Directorate in Erbil announced on Wednesday.
Security forces also arrested an additional three suspects in three separate raids. Those suspects had 124 grams of methamphetamine, four grams of heroin, and 17 Tramadol tablets in their possession.
The suspects have been directed to the relevant court, the statement said.
In early August, security forces announced the seizure of more than 26,000 pills of various prescription medications and 7,190 syringes commonly used for recreational narcotics use. They also confiscated a variety of other controlled substances and drug-related items.

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