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Greater interest of the Electronic Group to the German market
Elettronica and Spherea signed an agreement for a collaboration on EW test solutions for ESM/RWR suites installed on helicopters

16-05-2019 - During the AOC EW Europe Show in Stockholm, Elettronica and Spherea signed an agreement for a collaboration on EW test solutions for ESM/RWR suites installed on helicopters.
With reference to the German NH90 Navy helicopter program, Elettronica is proposing its Radar Warning Receiver ELT 160, already selected by Italian Army and Italian Navy for their TTH fleet, Spherea supplies end-to-end test solutions to be used directly on the platform.
Working together shall lead to added value for armed forces, in a first step for Germany and afterwards for other Nations interested in such testers, too. Elettronica and Spherea are intended to offer to The German BAAINBw (Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support) a study in order to analyze the best technical solution for testing the ESM suite of the NH90.
This agreement shows the ever greater presence and interest of the Electronic Group to the German market.
 Elettronica Group
Elettronica Group, as a European leader in Defence & Security, has been on the cutting edge of Electronic Warfare for more than 60 years, supplying Armed Forces and Governments of 30 Countries with more than 3000 high technology systems.
Elettronica’s systems are deployed for a variety of key operational missions, from Strategic Surveillance, to Self Protection, Sigint, Electronic Attack and Operational Support for airborne, naval and ground applications. Elettronica Group boasts a strong record of successful domestic and international collaborations on all the key modern military platforms such as the Italian PPA, the fighter Eurofighter Typhoon, the NFH-90 helicopter, the Italian and French ship class Horizon and FREMM, and a wide range of projects in the Gulf, Middle East and Asia.
The Group is composed by three industrial assets, Elettronica S.p.A, headquarter, based in Rome, leader in full EW capabilities, CY4GATE, a joint venture with Expert System, born to address today’s emerging and evolving needs in cyber domain, specialized in Cyber EW, Cyber Security and Intelligence, and Elettronica Gmbh, the German subsidiary specialized in EW signal processing design and production and Homeland Security solutions.

  Manifestazioni ed Eventi
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