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Trump betrayed the Kurds twice in quick succession
Cybernaua got a letter from Jhanger Dolamari

19-10-2019 - The United States just made a deal with Turkey, to give them everything they wanted and to withdraw all Kurdish forces from the Syrian border on their own land, so that Turkey can take over that area and send millions of Syrian refugees there to displace the Kurds demographically.
Trump betrayed the Kurds twice in quick succession.
First, he betrayed them by withdrawing US forces from Northern Syria in a hasty, haphazard way, without any consideration for the power vacuum that would leave our Kurdish allies vulnerable to Turkey and let ISIS make a comeback.
Second, he betrayed the Kurds by having Pence and Pompeo broker the worst deal in history with Erdogan, which basically makes the US force the Kurds to unconditionally surrender their homes and their land, so that Turkey can build settlements there to permanently displace them.
It’s important to understand history here.
When the Ottoman Empire fell at the end of WWI, the Kurds were promised a state in the Treaty of Sevres.
However, it was all nullified when the Turks, who fought alongside a young failed artist named Adolf Hitler in WWI, renegotiated it.
Now, 40 million Kurds live stateless in a territory carved up by four nations, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, and Syria.
Because the borders were drawn with a Sharpie in a heartless game of Risk, the Kurds are constantly accused of being terrorists, when all they want is to do is survive.

  Lettere a Cybernaua.it
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