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A bit of PKK history
We got e letter from Jhanger Alee Malah

01-11-2019 - The PKK was founded in 1978 in the village of Fis (near Lice) by a group of Kurdish students led by Abdullah Öcalan and in 1979 it made its existence known to the public.
The PKK’s ideology was originally a fusion of revolutionary socialism and Kurdish nationalism,  seeking the foundation of an independent Communist state in the region, which was to be known as Kurdistan.  
The initial reasons given by the PKK for this were the [BV]oppression of the Kurds in Turkey and capitalism.  
By then, the use of Kurdish language, dress, folklore, and names were banned in Kurdish-inhabited areas. The words "Kurds", "Kurdistan", or "Kurdish" were officially banned by the Turkish government.  
In 1980, the Kurdish language was officially banned in public and private life.  Many who spoke, published, or sang in Kurdish were arrested and imprisoned.
The PKK was then formed as part of a growing discontent over Turkey's ethnic Kurds' oppression in an effort to establish linguistic, cultural, and political rights for Turkey's ethnicity.  
Kurdish minority.
Since the PKK's foundation, it has been involved in armed clashes with Turkish security forces.  
The full-scale insurgency, however, did not begin until 15 August 1984, when the PKK announced a Kurdish uprising.  Since the conflict began, more than 40,000 have died, most of whom were Turkish Kurdish civilians.
In 1999, the PKK leader Öcalan was captured and imprisoned.
In May 2007, former members of the PKK helped form the Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK), an umbrella organization of Kurds from Turkey, Iran, Iraq, and Syria.
In 2013, the PKK declared a ceasefire agreement and began slowly withdrawing its fighters to the Kurdistan Region of northern Iraq as part of a settlement process between the Turkish state and the Kurdish minority.
Since July 2015, when the ceasefire broke down, violent actions inside Turkey by the government against the PKK and vice versa kept happening, supplemented by Turkish military action in 2018 against PKK fighters in Iraq, and both in January 2018 and October 2019 against Kurdish political  groups (PYD) and forces (YPG and YPJ) in Syria according to Turkey and some observers are strongly tied to the PKK.

Jhanger Alee Malah
  Lettere a Cybernaua.it
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