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The Iraqi government has to act now
In conversation with Imad Abdul Salam Bajalan high member of democratic Party of Kurdistan

02-01-2020 - We met Imad Abdul Salam Bajalan, high member of democratic Party of Kurdistan, and with him we had an interesting conversation
Will the future Iraqi government keep the promisses made to the Kurdish under the rule of Adel... and act on the agreements made, or will it continue to violate agreements like in the last 15 years?
 "The Iraqi government has to act now. The Kurdish government only deals with the official Iraqi establishment not with particular groups or persons. Iraq needs to fulfill its obligations as a central government, as it is getting more and more unstable, due to multiple political groups rising up.
The UN Security Council has also recognised that in the past five months the Kurdish areas outside the Kurdistan Regional Government, were disregarded by Iraqi government and were not given the provisions promised to them nor where they given their rights from article 140 which entails a right to have a referendum to decide who governs these areas for example.
After September 2019, the Government of Iraq and the State of the Clerks insisted on working on this article, asking the Iraqi Federal Court for its legality and the Iraqi Federal Court declared it legal.
 It is currently frozen due to protests and insecurity in Iraq.
 It must be implemented and enforced, and the UN and UN Security Council have also emphasize it.
Article 65 The House of Commons is not currently active and must be active, which is to solve problems between the Iraqi government and the Kurdish government.
Our problem at the time of Saddam Hussein was the problem of Kurdish area outside Kurdistan regional government, even Saddam signed an agreement on March 11, 1971 with the Kurdish National Leader Mullah Mustafa Barzani, acknowledging that these areas were Kurdish and Article 58 of the Constitution
Sir, what is the opinion of the Kurdistan Democratic Party on Iraqi popular protests?
 “Since October 1, 2019, people have been protesting for citizenship and corruption rights and in the meantime, more than 600 martyrs and thousands have been injured.
The Kurdistan Democratic Party is defending civil rights and popular protests in a peaceful, non-violent, anti-cremation and destruction of state property manner.
Massoud Barzani's Kurdistan National Reference sends 1 Million Iraqi Dinars to Families of Displaced Iraqi Protester and Empathy for Their Families. Majority of Iraqi oil is exported from Basra and Basra people do not even have drinking water available

Jhanger Alee Malah
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