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Women make most of the rounded up beggars
From pajhwok.com
22-09-2022 - KABUL (Pajhwok): Sixty-seven percent of the total rounded up beggars was professional beggars, 33 pc were deserving less fortunate persons while 75 percent of them were women, Pajhwok Afghan News learned on Thursday.
The process of rounding up beggars from capital Kabul launched on August 13, 2022 and was still underway.
According to Pajhwok Afghan News report each deserving beggar’s family members will get 2,000 afs monthly while professional beggars are warned to stop begging otherwise they be dealt according to the law.
Government economic affairs aide office on its Twitter handle wrote on Wednesday that 7,400 beggars had been rounded up by a committee tasked to round up beggars until September 20 from different areas of capital Kabul.
Women make the most of rounded up beggars.
According to government source 4,963 women, 639 men and 1,298 children had been rounded up so far.
Women top the number of rounded up beggars
Sixty-eight percent of rounded up beggars were women or out of total 4,897 professional beggars 3,667 were non-deserving professional women beggars.
Beggars who had started asking people for money due to economic problems had asked government to support them.
Some women begging daily from dawn to dusk in different parts of capital Kabul due to economic hardship or have no beard earner at home.
They hailed the government initiative to round up beggars and demanded the continuation scheme lunched for their support.
Pajhwok reporter while reporting on the issue conducted interviews with three women living in one house who chose to beg due to economic issues.
One of them is Laila, 30, from the Qarabagh district of Kabul and currently lives in the Khoshal Khan area with two other families who are also begging.
Laila’s husband is a drug addict and unable to work he is not educated and have no option but to beg.
Laila go for begging along with her neighbours in different areas of capital Kabul to find bread for her children and push for the painful life.
“If we get support we will have no need to go out for begging, It is bad when a woman sits on the roadside and beg but I have no other option.”
She hoped that government shall continue with this scheme and provide her with support until her children grow up.
Nargis, 35, is another lady who decided to beg for the survival of her children she also go out and beg in different parts of the city.
Like Laila, when Nargis failed to take money they sit close to bakery to get bread from others and give it to their children.
Nargis was happy that baggers are assembled and offered with economic support.
The Afghanistan Red Crescent Society Head Mawlavi Matiul-Haq Khales during a gathering earlier said that each family member of deserving beggars would be provided monthly 2,000 afs and this scheme would continue.
He said efforts were on to identify all deserving beggars and provide them with support. He assured the scheme would continue and asked masses to cooperate with the government in identifying deserving people.
He said individuals who get support through this programme should make sure that in the future they will not beg.

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