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Blinken: Several Americans detained in Afghanistan
From //pajhwok.com
31-03-2023 - KABUL (Pajhwok): US Secretary of State Antony Blinken says they are working to assist 44 Americans waiting for exiting Afghanistan.
Blinken said this while testifying before Congress, where members of the opposition Republican Party faulted the US exit from Afghanistan in 2021.
They requested the release of a State Department internal dissent cable.
Blinken, in response to a question, said that the caretaker government was detaining “several Americans”.
Asked how many Americans remained in the war-torn country, the secretary of state responded: “There are several Americans whom the Taliban are detaining. We are working to secure their freedom.”
The top US diplomat added: “The families have asked that we protect their identities and not speak publicly about their cases.”
Republican Representative Joe Wilson asked: “Those who have been detained — how many other Americans are there?”
Thy were in contact with about 175 Americans in Afghanistan, Blinken said, adding 44 were ready to leave. “We are working to effectuate their departure.”

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