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Hamas-Israel negotiations continue with the mediation of Qatar
30-10-2023 - Contrary to the Zionist regime's obstruction of the ceasefire, an informed source told Reuters that talks between Hamas and Tel Aviv are continuing with the mediation of Qatar.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Monitoring: According to Fars International News Agency, Reuters news agency reported, quoting an informed source, that even in the current situation where the Zionist regime has intensified attacks against Palestinian positions in Gaza, Qatar-mediated talks between Tel Aviv and Hamas with the aim of de-escalating tensions in Gaza are ongoing. It continued yesterday (Saturday).
A source familiar with the matter told Reuters that the talks had not broken down but were taking place "at a much slower pace" than before Friday night's Israeli attacks on Palestinian positions in Gaza.
The communication of the besieged people of Gaza with the outside world was cut yesterday after the Israeli warplanes dropped more bombs on the Palestinian territory in Gaza and the military commanders of the Israeli army announced that the ground attack of the interim regime on the Palestinians is being prepared.
According to the Reuters report, Qatar has continued behind-the-scenes diplomacy for more than three weeks and has entered into negotiations with Hamas officials with the aim of promoting peace and securing the release of more than 200 prisoners held by Hamas.
According to Reuters, two American and two Zionist prisoners were released last week with the mediation of Qatar.
Negotiations with the mediation of Qatar are progressing while the Zionist regime has failed to adhere to its commitments regarding the ceasefire, so that on Friday last week, despite Doha announcing that the negotiations are progressing at a high speed, the Zionists suddenly with more than 100 fighters attacked positions in the Palestinian territory in Gaza.
Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of the Zionist regime, stated that the effort to free the prisoners will continue even during Tel Aviv's ground operations in Gaza. In this regard, he said: "We will use every possibility to return them home".
Earlier, the military wing of Hamas had announced that they had reached an agreement with the Zionist regime regarding the exchange of prisoners, but the Zionist regime has obstructed this path.
"Abu Obeidah", the spokesman of the "Ezzeddin Qassam" battalion, also said in a video speech that he will release all the prisoners only if the Zionist regime releases all the Palestinian prisoners.
On the 22nd day of the Zionist invasion of the Gaza Strip, the Palestinian Ministry of Health announced that the number of martyrs in the Gaza Strip has increased to 7,703, including 3,595 children, and the number of injured has increased to more than 19,000. In the last few hours, the Zionist regime committed 53 new crimes, which led to the martyrdom of 377 people.//www.avapress.com/en/news/279407/hamas-israel-negotiations-continue-with-the-mediation-of-qatar

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