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Ignoring Afghanistan this time will be big mistake: Pakistan PM
From pajhwok.com
17-09-2022 - KABUL (Pajhwok): Pakistan Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Friday urged the international community to support all good initiatives in Afghanistan, according to a media report.
Addressing the SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization) heads of state meeting in Uzbekistan’s Samarkand City, he said “It will big mistake to ignore Afghanistan this time around.”
According to a report in Dawn.com, at the outset of his address, the premier deviated from the text of his speech as he talked about Afghanistan. “As you know Pakistan is a neighbouring country of Afghanistan, and peace in Afghanistan will ensure peace in Pakistan,” he said.
“In other words, what is good for Afghanistan, is good for Pakistan and vice versa.”
He went on to say that the world would have to work together to support all “good initiatives” in Afghanistan. “Therefore, it will be a big mistake if we ignore Afghanistan this time around.”
It is Pakistan’s opinion that strengthening Afghanistan in the security and counterterrorism domain should run parallel to the SCO’s socio-economic support to the Afghan people, he said.
PM Shehbaz said the international community must support efforts to build a sustainable Afghan economy. “Unfreezing Afghanistan’s financial assets remains a crucial need in this regard.”
For their part, Afghan authorities would do well to build a future based on inclusiveness and respect for human rights for all citizens, especially women and minorities, including effective steps against terrorism, he said.
This comes the incumbent acting Afghan government often renewed its commitment to work with the international community on counterterrorism, drug trafficking and other issues of global interest.
The current Afghan government also repeatedly said that it was committed to provide all rights to women under the framework of the Islamic Sharia Law.
The government claimed that it was inclusive and all Afghans could now themselves in the government as peace and stability had been established nationwide.

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